Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creative Ribbon Storage

If you're like me you have ribbon all over the place in different boxes, draws, etc. It never fails when you are looking for a specific roll you can never find it. Thanks to Kathy from Connecticut  http://eggcartonlabels.blogspot.com/ for sharing this creative
Ribbon Storage Idea!
Finally we can get our ribbon organized. LOL!!

What You’ll Need:
  • A thick plastic container with a lid {or a sturdy cardboard box}
  • 5/16” wooden dowels
  • A 5/16” drill bit and drill
  • Either wood glue or hot glue… or both.  {Tip from Kathy: I didn’t have the patience to let the wood glue set before loading the dowels up, so I also glued around the outside of the dowel with hot glue.}
  • As many ¾ inch, wooden, screw-hole plugs as dowels {alternatively, Tinker Toys may fit these dowels. I think they would be adorable on both ends but glued on only ONE end.}

What You’ll Do:

  • Using your 5/16” drill bit, drill holes in the wooden screw-hole plugs but not all the way through. Put some glue in the hole and attach your dowel. It should be a very tight fit. You can sand the dowel a little to make it fit if necessary {but it shouldn’t be ~ use some muscle!}. ;)
  • While your glue dries,  measure a dowel to fit your container’s width so that they extend about one inch or so beyond the outside of the box.
  • Cut all dowels to your measurement.  {they’re small enough that you can simply use a serrated knife to score around the dowel and then just snap it off}
  • Measure and mark the spacing of the holes for your dowels on the box with a Sharpie. On each side of the box, the holes should be approximately 2.5” from the short end of the box, approximately 2.5-3” down into the depth of the box, and a minimum of 5 inches away from each other going down the length of the box. Use your ribbon spools to gauge the exact distance you would like them placed, just be sure that they match up on the opposite side. Depending on the size of your box, mark as many holes as will fit dowels. {I used three dowels}
  • Using your 5/16” drill bit, drill the holes according to your marks.
  • When the glue is dry on your dowels, push the dowel through a hole in the box and load ‘em up with ribbon spools!  When full, put the dowel through the second, corresponding hole.

Ribbon ends can be secured to the rest of the spool with either a small tab of tape or a sewing pin.

There you have it an inexpensive creative storage idea. How do you store your craft supplies or ribbon? Email me your creative ideas and I will post them on the blog bynickig@gmail.com

Make it a great day and embrace the Diva in you!

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