Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Best Lobster Rolls Ever

Lobster Rolls at Grace Church

While on vacation in Marthas Vineyard my cousin told me about the Friday tradition there to have lobster rolls. Well, if you are like me I was picturing little sushi rolls with lobster.... I was ok with that, BTW I love any kind of seafood so I was ready for a new challenge. Every Friday afternoon from the first of May through the end of September, Grace Church offers Lobster Rolls to the community as its primary fundraiser for local outreach ministries. I was more than happy to participate in the fundraiser and enjoy a few lobster rolls (still thinking they are little sushi rolls). This fundraiser is so successful that they have sold over 12,000 lobster rolls in the 5 month period, raising over $200,000. Grace Church continues to do this fundraiser every year.

So, as we enter the church I look around and see lots of people enjoying their food and everybody is happy. The Priest of the church was pleasantly greeting everyone and serving food as the ladies in the kitchen were preparing meals. As I prepared to pay for my rolls my cousin told me that the lobster rolls are soooo big that 2 rolls would be enough to serve my family of 4. Hmmm I was a little hesitant but I reluctantly pay for 2 lobster rolls to go. As I watched the sweet lil ladies prepared my rolls all I could do was say WOOOW!!!!!

I could not believe my eyes, I was in heaven and could not wait to get home to enjoy this monstrosity of a roll. I was pleasantly surprised. It was absolutely delicious!!!! My order for 2 was more than enough to feed my family and we even had some left over. Their version of a "Lobster Roll" is fresh lobster salad on a roll. That's it... Not Sushi Rolls LOL!! That truly was the best Lobster Roll I have ever had and I will cherish that memory until we meet again.

The winning recipe is no secret.  No fillers are used in making these rolls, just a few ingredients. This is what you need to make these delicious Lobster Rolls at home;
  1. Mayonnaise
  2. White Pepper for seasoning
  3. Fresh Lobster
  4. Frankfurter Rolls
I wish you could have experienced that with me. It was amazing!!! If you are ever in the Vineyard please make sure you visit Grace Church on Fridays between 4:30pm and 7:30pm and judge for yourself. I must declare Grace Church Lobster Rolls the best in the Vineyard!!!!

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