Thursday, July 28, 2011

25 Simple Ways to Relax and De-Stress

Take it from a "Professional Busy Mom".... (((ya need to chill out and relax))) How you might ask? I have been researching simple ways and things to do to relax and de-stress for some time. Life is too short to be stressed out and on the edge all the time. Trust me, you will be a better person and your family will thank you! I have listed a variety of simple things to do to relax, try a few, heck try them all and thank me later. Take care of you!

  1. Change your alarm clock to soft music or soothing sounds. Startling loud sounds puts you on edge first thing in the morning. Who needs that!!!
  2. Change your cup of coffee to a cup of ginseng or green tea. 
  3. Take the dog for a morning walk. Don't have a dog, just go for a walk while listening to inspirational music.
  4. Listen to your favorite music on the way to work.
  5. Take time to read a book.
  6. Take a nap.
  7. Laugh more.
  8. Meditate. Pray.
  9. Go to the gym, sit in the sauna or steam room.
  10. Get a massage. Go to a massage school it's cheaper.
  11. Take the day off and do nothing.
  12. Get a mani/pedi.
  13. Go to lunch with a girl friend.
  14. Go shopping for a family member.
  15. Go to the beach and soak up the sun.
  16. Go to the park and sit on a bench.
  17. Go to bed early.
  18. Sleep in.
  19. Go to the library.
  20. Try yoga.
  21. Take a long hot bath with lots of candles
  22. Put a DO NOT DISTURB for 30 minutes Sign on your bedroom door.
  23. Take up a hobby.
  24. Visualization - visualize tranquility, water falls, sounds of the ocean.
  25. Go Dancing.
Being able to unwind and relax is one step toward a happier, healthier life. Don't be shy about being happy and stress free, pass it on to your friends and co-workers, they'll thank you for it.

Make Today Fabulous!!
Embrace the Diva in You!


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