Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waffle-wich Kids Lunch

School has only been in session a couple of weeks for us and it seems like we are getting bored with the traditional sandwich lunch. I have found some very creative ideas for your child lunch that will keep them happy, you might want to try some of them yourself. LOL!! They are too good to resist. Here is a Brunch-wich I like to call it, a waffle sandwich with a side of syrup. Now what kid wouldn't want syrup for lunch? LOL!!!

What you need....
2 frozen waffles, toasted
Slice of cheese
6 slices deli smoked ham
1/2 small  apple, sliced (Optional)
2 tsp. pancake syrup
What you do.....
Toast Waffle in toaster or toaster oven
Top 1 waffle with cheese, ham and apple slices.
Cover with second waffle.
Wrap sandwich in foil wrap.
Pour syrup into sealable plastic container. 

Lunch Side Items Suggestions.....
Veggies & Dip
Make Lunch Time Special!

Make Today Fabulous!
Embrace the Diva in you!

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